Sat. Jan 28th, 2023

Author: Rajashekar

Iā€™m (Rajashekar) a core Android developer with complimenting skills as a web developer from India. I cherish taking up complex problems and turning them into beautiful interfaces. My love for decrypting the logic and structure of coding keeps me pushing towards writing elegant and proficient code, whether it is Android, PHP, Flutter or any other platforms. You would find me involved in cuisines, reading, travelling during my leisure hours.

Flutter BoxShadow

Flutter BoxShadow class is used to display a shadow cast by the widget. Syntax The syntax of BoxShadow() constructor with the parameters and their default values is arameter Description color…

Flutter AppBar

Flutter AppBar class is used to display a material design app bar with optional actions (IconButtons). AppBar is typically displayed as a fixed-height widget at the top of the screen.…