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Android 14 Released on Nov 2023.


Native Webcam Support

In general, laptop webcams aren’t very clear — they usually offer just okay quality, like 720p or even less. We’ve all faced this problem. There may be a cool solution in Android 14 for those looking for a better webcam. With this solution, you can use your Android phone as a 1080p camera for your computer.

Consider this scenario: you plug your phone into your computer, and a menu appears. In that menu, you could choose “webcam,” and your phone’s camera would become your computer’s camera. Currently, this feature isn’t part of the system, not even hidden away in a secret setting. If Google gives it the green light, it might appear in Android 14. You might be able to get a fancier camera setup down the road without spending more money.

Enhance lock screen

With Android 14, you can customize your phone in a variety of ways. One big thing how your lock screen appears. Your clock can look different and even what apps appear at the bottom corners can be customized.

If all goes well for Google, these changes will be included in the official Android 14 release next month. Just a heads-up, the clock styles they showed at I/O weren’t great. We hope the final versions will be more fun and less boring.

Satellite connectivity

Your phone might soon be able to connect to satellites with Android 14! As a result, you can send important messages even without cellular or WiFi service. Apple did this with their iPhone 14 series last year.

According to a tweet from TeamPixel, Android 14 will support satellite connections for sending messages. Additionally, Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phone owners may be the first to test it. For this satellite thing to work, your phone needs special hardware. It depends on other Android phone makers whether they add this later.

Imagine yourself in a place where there is no cell signal or WiFi. Texts can still be sent if your phone supports satellite technology. There’s something magical about it when you’re out in the wilderness!

Charging Pill

With the latest update for Android 14 Beta, a new feature is added. A pretty animated pill will appear on your screen when you connect your device to charge. This discovery was made by Mishaal, and interestingly, the Android Beta Twitter account accidentally spilled the beans on it.

Tapping the pill has no special function, but it’s a visually appealing addition to Material You.

When you charge your device, it’s like a little bit of fun, adding a touch of excitement.

Drag drop feature(Gesture support enhance)

There was a cool trick in iOS 15 that let you move text and pictures around. Guess what? The Android 14 operating system will be able to do the same thing. Actually, it’s already there if you’re using the Android 14 Beta 3 version, and it works really well.

Here’s the deal: pick some text, hold it down, and move it. Then, use your other hand to switch to another app where you want to put the text, and let go. There it is, the text appears like magic. As soon as Android 14 is released, you’ll be able to do the same thing with pictures as well Cool, right?

Flash notifications

I really like the Notification Flashes feature. That’s great for people who frequently check their phones in noisy places where hearing notifications is difficult, or for those with hearing challenges.

To get it working, just head to your phone’s Settings, then go to Display, and find Flash notifications. From there, you can flip the switch for Camera Flash and/or Screen Flash.

There’s an extra cool thing you can do with Screen Flashes. You don’t have to stick with one color. Nope, you can choose from a variety of colors. Moreover, you can see how each color will look before making a decision. Check out how the color flashes, then decide if it’s right for you. Trying on different outfits before you pick the right one is like trying on clothes before you buy them!

Device Manufacturing Date

In Android 14, by this feature allows you to easily find out the year your phone was produced. All you need to do is navigate to Settings > About Phone > Model. Once you’re there, you’ll spot the Manufactured year displayed alongside details like Hardware version, Serial number, and model.

Now, you might not think this information is super crucial, but it can be surprisingly handy, especially when you’re considering purchasing a pre-owned or refurbished device that doesn’t come with its original retail packaging. Knowing the year of manufacture can give you a better idea of the phone’s age and possibly its condition.

So, while it may not be something you use every day, it’s a small yet useful addition for those times when you’re exploring options for buying a second-hand device.

Extreme Battery Saver option

In the Android 14 Beta 3 version, they’ve introduced a clever little feature that could potentially stretch your Android phone’s battery life when you’ve got the Battery Saver mode turned on. Activating the Battery Saver is easy — just head over to Settings, tap on Battery, then locate and flip the switch for Battery Saver.

As soon as you enable this mode, the first thing you’ll notice is that your phone switches to Dark mode.

This switch helps conserve battery power. But that’s not all! The feature also takes some extra steps to manage your phone’s energy consumption. It might slow down or even pause a few apps that are running in the background, which in turn reduces the drain on your battery.

It’s like giving your phone a little extra boost to keep it running longer when you’re in a pinch. So, remember, when you’re looking to extend your battery life on Android 14 Beta 3, turning on Battery Saver could be a smart move.

Fast Pair option

In Android 14, there’s this really cool thing called “Fast Pair.” It’s like a special button hidden in the Connection settings. What’s it do? Well, it makes connecting your Bluetooth stuff (like headphones or speakers) to your Android phone super easy. No more dealing with tricky steps to make them talk to each other.

With Fast Pair, you just tap a bit, and boom! Your Bluetooth stuff is friends with your Android. Imagine it like a magical shortcut for making gadgets work together.

So, when you want to use your cool wireless stuff, you don’t need to be a tech wizard. It’s all about making things faster and simpler, so you can enjoy your devices without the hassle. That’s Android 14 being awesome for you!

Grant partial access to photos and videos

basically, this feature allows you to set additional filters for specific apps that request gallery access. Many social networking apps currently ask for permission to access our galleries, giving them the ability to retrieve all our mobile device images.

In Android 14, you can establish extra filters between these apps. For instance, let’s say I’ve organized multiple albums or folders within my gallery, each containing different types of images, such as social life photos and personal documents. Prior to Android 14, there was no option to exclusively share only my social life images with these apps.

However, in Android 14, I can now apply this filter specifically for these applications. This way, I can safeguard my other images from being accessed by these apps. It’s a welcomed privacy enhancement that grants users more control over their image sharing.

Background Install Control (bloatware remover)

By this option you able to know and delete bloatware they can run on a background without your knowledge. basically by this feature you can track apps that are installed in the background. Any apps that are silently downloaded in the background are listed in this menu.

You can then look through the menu to delete apps you don’t would be a lot easier to find and get rid of any bloatware weighing down your device.

Regional preference on calendar and number

Basically, it allows users to configure system-wide preferences for temperature units, calendar formats, first days of the week, and number systems.

As a result of this setting, apps will no longer need to ask for or make assumptions about your preferences. In Android 14, Google is expanding this concept to even more areas.

The new “regional preferences” feature in Android 14 allows users to select their preferred units for temperature, calendar, first day of the week, and number system for each location. When you toggle a hidden developer option in Settings > System > Languages & input, you will find it under “Regional preferences”.

Different Application languages preferences

Using this option, you can run an app according to your language preference. Globally, many users want to use specific apps in their preferred language without changing the system’s language.

In Android 14, you have more application options, so you can set different apps to different languages according to your preference. Android 13 already supported this to some extent, but in Android 14, you have more application options to select from.

Enhances Health paring apps

With Health Connect, you can get all the important health and fitness information from different apps in one convenient location. It’s like a central organizer for your health information. If you have a Samsung health app, a Fitbit app, or a Peloton fitness device, the Health Connect app can pull data from all of them.

Your app store currently offers the Health Connect app for download. This allows you to easily access and manage your health data from different sources. However, there’s exciting news! Google has just announced that starting with the release of Android 14 beta 2, Health Connect will be included as a built-in feature of the Android operating system.

This means that when you get a new device or update your existing Android device to Android 14 or later, you’ll automatically have the Health Connect app pre-installed. You won’t need it.

Furthermore, the built-in integration of Health Connect means that you’ll also receive updates seamlessly. These updates will happen automatically as part of the regular Android system updates, ensuring that you always have the latest features and improvements for managing your health data without any extra effort on your part.

This streamlined experience makes it easier for users to stay on top of their health and fitness information, all while enjoying the benefits of a hassle-free setup and continuous updates.

I believe these 14 features are unique and good, so please let me know if you have any others apart from these 14 features. I’ve gathered information from a number of websites and researched. Please leave a comment if you notice anything that does not seem right or if you have any thoughts to share. It’s really important for me to hear your thoughts!

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