Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

Normally developing a mobile application challenging and complex task. In market many frameworks are available to develop mobile applications. iOS provides a native framework based on Swift language/ Objective C and Android provides native framework based on Java/Kotlin language.

When we plan to develop an application supporting for both Oss, we need to two different languages with different frameworks. To overcome this complexity there are some frameworks are available, which can support both OS. These frameworks from simple HTML based hybrid mobile application (HTML+ JavaScript) to complex language framework. Irrespective of their complexity or simplicity, these frameworks have some disadvantage’s , major drawback of these framework is their slow performance.

To overcome these drawbacks, Flutter is a simple and high performance Dart language based framework, Flutter provide high performance by interpreting the UI directly in the operating system’s canvas rather than native framework.

Flutter has many ready to use UI widgets to create a latest application. These all widgets are optimized to mobile/tab environment and designing the apps using widgets is simple like HTML.

One more major advantage Flutter application is itself a widget. Flutter widgets can supports gesture and animations. The app logic is based on Reactive programming. In Flutter widget may optionally have a state. When state change of widget, Flutter will automatically change state from old to new and render the widget with only the necessary changes instead of re-rendering the whole widget.

Features of Flutter

Flutter  offers the following features to developers −

  • Flutter is Modern and reactive framework
  • Its based Dart programming language and it is very simple to learn
  • Simple and fast development
  • Beautiful and solid user interfaces
  • More widget catalog from Flutter framework
  • Platform independent
  • High performance

Advantages of Flutter

Flutter has beautiful and customizable widgets for high performance and outstanding mobile application. It fulfills all the customer needs and requirements. Besides these, Flutter has many more advantages as mentioned below −

  • Dart language has a large repository which lets you to extend the capabilities of your app.
  • Developers need to write just a single code base for both applications  Android and iOS platforms. 
  • Flutter needs lesser testing. Because of its single code base
  • With Flutter, development team has full control over the widgets and layouts.
  • Flutter has  amazing hot reload feature and developer tools

Disadvantages of Flutter

Flutter has the following drawbacks in it −

  • Developer need to learn new language i.e. Dart because development completely based on Dart
  • Its modern framework tries to separate logic and UI as much as possible but, in Flutter, user interface and logic is intermixed. To overcome this using smart coding and using high level module to separate user interface and logic.
  • Flutter is yet another framework to create mobile application. Developers are having a hard time in choosing the right development tools in hugely populated segment.

By Rajashekar

I’m (Rajashekar) a core Android developer with complimenting skills as a web developer from India. I cherish taking up complex problems and turning them into beautiful interfaces. My love for decrypting the logic and structure of coding keeps me pushing towards writing elegant and proficient code, whether it is Android, PHP, Flutter or any other platforms. You would find me involved in cuisines, reading, travelling during my leisure hours.

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