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Testing is the main part any software or product. There are different types of testing tools are there first here we will concentrate on Manual Testing.

A set of executable programs in an electronic device is called as software.
Project VS Product
 A software was developed depends on specific customer or client requirements called as project or application.
Ex: ICICI Bank application
 A software was developed depends on overall requirements in market is called as product.
Ex: Windows, OS, Ms-Excels……..
Quality Software
When one software maid customer requirements and expectations, a software called as a quality software.
 Here requirements mean functionality.
 Expectations means user-friendliness, performance, comparability, security…etc

It’s transfer software development life cycle.
SDLC is the process of to develop new software. They are different SDLC models
to develop software in IT organizations.

Types of SDLC Models


Waterfall Model(WF)

Prototype Model

Incremental Model

Spiral Model

RAD Model

Advanced SDLC


Agile Model

Fish Model


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