Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Playwright comes with the ability to create tests out of the box and is a great way to rapidly get began with testing. It will start two windows, a web browser window where you interact with the web app you would like to test and the Playwright Inspector window where you may record your tests, copy the tests, clear your tests along with as change the language of your tests.

Running Codegen

npx playwright codegen

Run codegen and carry out actions in the web browser.Playwright will create the code for the user interactions.Codegen will try to create resilient text-based selectors.

When you have completed interacting with the sheet, click the anecdote button to cease the recording and use the copy button to copy the created code to your writer.Use the distinct button to distinct the code to begin recording again.Once completed near the Playwright inspector window or stay the terminal have a complete idea on more about creating tests check out or in-depth drive on Codegen

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