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After completion of sprint backlog and design documents preparation and review, corresponding developers in scrum team can start coding by writing programs.

These same developers are responsible to test programs by applying white box testing techniques.

In general understanding above diagram four points:
1) Program running or not
2) Program correctly working or not
3) Program running fast or not
4) Testing on above 3 testing (Program lines cheeking)

a) Basic Paths Coverage:
Unit testing can start with basic paths coverage on a program. Here , developers
can run program more than one time by covering all reasons of that program.
Here programmer can follow a process.
Example 1:

Example 2:


b) Control structure Coverage:
When one program is running without any errors, corresponding Programmer can concentrate on that program output correctness with respective given input. This technique is also called as debugging. Here program can watch output of each line in program.

c) Program technique coverage:
When program is running correct corresponding programmer can try to calculate execution speed of the program. Here programmer can use JUNIT and NUNIT like tools to calculate execution speed of program.

d) Mutation Coverage:
When one Program running fast and correctly, corresponding programmer can validate program test coverage. Here programmer can retest program to identify management level people performed changes. If programmer not succeeding in changes finding, then management can decide
that program testing in incomplete. This technique is also called as bebugging.

Case Study:

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