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Documents Testing

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  1. In any advanced SDLC Model, testing can start with documents testing. In agile scrum model, PO is responsible to prepare product backlog with all user stories.
  2. Same PO is responsible to review that PBL from completeness and correctness.
  3. PO is responsible to select some user stories with to respective user stories size & importance from ALL user stories for sprint backlog.
  4. Same PO can review sprint backlog for completeness and correctness.
  5. Scrum team developers are responsible to develop HLD & LLD depends on SBL.
    Here HLD can define overall architecture of sprint, where as LLD’s can
    define in-depth logic of specific model in that sprint. Due to this reason,
    one sprint design consists of one HLD and multiple LLD’s.

HLD and LLD for login:

Same developers can review HLD and LLD completeness and correctness.

Case Study:

Walk Through: Study a document from first to last.
Inspection: searching document for specific factor.
Peer Review: Comparison of two similar documents.
These 3 techniques are also called as static testing techniques or review techniques or document testing techniques or verification techniques.

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