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After completion of 30 days sprints cycles, project management can conduct sprint review meeting. During this meeting management, including developers and tester can try to collect feedback from customer and stakeholders. This acceptance testing is in two ways

If feedback is not good developer can changes sprint or software and testers can test those changes.

Release Testing

Project management can select few developers and testers for to goto customer site for sprint or software release. The selected people for release are called as release team or onsite team or delivery team or deployment team. This team can perform below observation in customer site:
Complete installation.
Overall functionality.
Input devices support.
Ex: keyboard, Mouse, Joystick…etc.
Output devices support.
Ex: Monitor, Printer…etc.
Secondary storage devices support.
Ex: External hard disk, Pen drive, CD-ROM…etc.
OS support.
CO-existence with other software’s.

After completion of release testing, onsite team can provide training to end user (Customer site people).
And then onsite team back to company and then concentrate on next sprint or next project.

Testing during Maintenance

While utilizing sprint or software, customer site people can send change request to handle those change request, project management can form a fresher’s team called as change control board.

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