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In my company testing process is start with test initiation in test initiation PO prepare optimal test strategy document based on test strategy scrum master prepare daily planning activities, depends on daily activities prepare test design(like scenarios ,cases,..) . Developers send sprint and once we receive sprint start the test execution for sprint. If sprint any defect is come, this defect maintain in test report and assign back to developer. Once developer fix bug and retest the modify bug, it’s cycling process of in between developers and testers. If sprint doesn’t have any defect we decide that sprint is close/closure.

From the above STLC, corresponding PO, SM and Scrum team can integrate SDLC
processor with STLC process.

Test Initiation:

In general testing process can start with test initiation, in this stage, PO can prepare a strategy document for testers. In general strategies are 3 types such as Exhaustive, Optimal, Ad-hoc, from testing principles, exhaustive testing is impossible. Ad-hoc testing is not reasonable. Due to this reason PO can goto select optimal test strategy for every sprint or software testing.

In this stage, PO can prepare optimal test strategy document for testers like shown below.

Optimal test strategy in IEEE829 format

  1. Test strategy ID:
    The identify Number of strategy document for future reference.
  2. Scope and objective:
    The importance of testing in current sprint.
  3. Business issues:
    Budget allocation to testing.
  1. Test responsibility matrix(TRM):
    This selection of functional and non-functional testing topics.

Example TRM:

Roles and Responsibilities:
PO is responsible to hierarchy for testers.

QA  Quality Assurance (Test design)
QC  Quality Control (Test execution)

Test automation and Testing tools:
Po can decide need for automation in current sprint or software testing.

Defect reporting and Tracking:
Po is responsible to define defect reporting and tracking process in between developers and testers.

Communication and status reporting:
PO responsible to conduct daily scrum meet to maintain good relation between developers and testes

Configuration management and Test management:
Po responsible to specify location for developers and testers to store their deliverables.

 From the above diagram, development base folder is useful to store developers developed deliverables like product backlog, sprint backlog, HLD,LLD’s , source code , unit test case, integration test case …etc.
 Test base folder is useful to store testers developed document, test strategy, test plan, test scenarios, test cases, test data and automation scripts, traceability matrix, sprint burn down chart… etc.
 Sprint base folder is useful to store all sprint build upload by developers download by testers.

Testing measurements and metrics:

PO is responsible to define measurements and metrics to improve effectiveness of testers during testers.

Training Plan:
PO is responsible to decide need for training testers to understand corresponding sprint or software requirements or user stories.
Note1: Po can prepare test strategy like shown above by using MS word or Open office word.
Note2: Po can get approval on above like strategy from stakeholders.
Note3: Po can save above like test strategy document in configuration repository of server computer for future reference.

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