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Before going to learn the Advanced SDLC models, let you know the reasons for
outdating the old SDLC models in the organizations. They are:

  1. In all the Old SDLC Models, Testing Stage comes after Coding only.
  2. This Single Stage of Testing is conducted by the Same Programmers / Developers who
    perform Coding.
  3. Due to this, Organizations are not able to release Quality Software to Customer or to
  4. To Develop and Release Quality Software, Organizations are following New SDLC
  5. In New SDLC Models, Organizations conduct Multiple Stages of Testing and maintain
    Separate Testing Teams. The new SDLC models are as follows:
    a) Fish Model
    b) V-Model
    c) Agile Model(XP,SPRINT,SCRUM)
    d) Devops

Fish Model

To release quality software to customer/market, we need to conduct multiple
stages of testing by including separate tester. Do you this reason , organization
are following advanced SDLC model.
To develop a quality s/w w.r.t to customer requirements and expectations,
organizations are following fish model. But, this model is costly to follow and time
consuming model.

  1. At first project initiation note(PIN) will be given to the CEO, from there
    the work is going to begin.
  2. One BA can prepare BRS and other BA can review BRS for Completeness
    and correctness.
    BRSBusiness Requirement specifications
    Customer Requirement specifications
    User Requirement specifications
  3. One SA can prepare SRS and Other SA can review SRS for completeness
    and correctness.
    SRS Software Requirement specifications
  4. Design is two levels such as
    HLDHigh Level Design
    LLDSLow Level Designs
  5. One TA can prepare HLD & LLDS and other TA can review HLD & LLDS for
    completeness and correctness.
  6. Programmers can develop software by writing programs and by
    integrating those programs.
  7. Other programmer can conduct unit testing & integration testing.
  8. A separate testing team can test software called as software testing.
  9. PM can take care of Acceptance and release. Here programmers and
    testers can involve along with customer site people.
  10. CCB can take care of maintenance/support/service


  1. At first project initiation note(PIN) will be given to the CEO, from there the
    work is going to begin.
  2. The business analyst(BA) will gather all the requirements from the customer
    and for that gathered requirements testing purpose a ‘separate testing team’ will
    be assigned.
  3. Then system analyst (SA) will do the analysis of that requirements and for
    the review of those analysed requirements a ‘separate testing team’ will
    be assigned.
  4. Technical architect (s.r programmer) will do the design of those analysed
    requirements in the form of HLD and LLD’s after that a ‘separate testing team’
    will be assigned for the review of those design.
  5. All the above conducted testing or reviewing is called as ‘documents testing’
    or ‘verification’ or ‘static testing’.
  6. Unit testing: unit testing means that conducting testing on a single
    programme in java, .NET,oracle,SAP,C,C++ and etc.
  7. Integration testing: Integration testing means conducting testing on the
    interconnection of two or more programmes. The below diagram depicts the
    integration testing:
  1. Software testing: software testing means conducting the testing on a
    complete Software w.r.t to the customer requirements and expectations.
  2. Acceptance testing: Acceptance testing means that collecting the
    feedback on S/w from the real customers (Clients) or model customers (Public).
  3. Release testing: Release testing means that the whether s/w was
    completely and correctly ported into customer site or not. It is also called
    as onsite testing/Delivery testing/port testing.
  4. Maintenance testing: During the maintenance testing, CCB people can
    modify and test s/w w.r.t to customer change request.
    Advantages of fish model:
    Due to thorough verification and validation Fish Model yields a quality product.
    Disadvantages of fish model:
    It is more time consuming/taking.
    It is more expensive/costly.
    Note: But this model is follow able to develop software relative to satellites,
    aeronautical, Health care equipments, robotics, and export systems because those
    software critical to develop and quick sharing in usage.

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