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This model was introduced by “William Evans ferrie”. To decrease cost and time in software development, company will go to V-Model but this model can assure quality but not guaranty. ‘V’ stands for verification and validation. This model is also defining mapping in between development stages and testing stages.
This model is not taking more time to develop a quality s/w unlike Fish model

Explanation of above diagram:
1. From the above model BA can prepare and review BRS.
2. SA can prepare and review SRS.
3. TA can prepare and review HLD and LLD’s.
4. Programmer can write programmes and conduct unit testing and integration testing w.r.t LLD’s and integration testing w.r.t HLD.
5. A separate testing team can test s/w (system testing) w.r.t SRS.
6. Customer site people can provide feedback on s/w w.r.t BRS.
7. Release team will take care of s/w release and port testing and CCB people can take care of maintenance/support.
8. To assure quality to customer on s/w, project management can maintain separate testing team in software testing stages because software testing is bottle neck stage for software development.
9. V-Model is follow to develop banking, insurance, Hospital management, financial insurance, e commerce ,logistics ….etc based software.

Note: From the V-model, a separate test engineers will be needed for s/w testing stage. Those test engineers also responsible for involve in the acceptance testing and release testing.

Note: Small and medium scale companies prefer V-model to follow because this model is inexpensive and not taking more time.

Advantages of V-Model

  1. Quality of the software gets improved as the model as testing activities for the respective development activity.
  2. Avoid the defect multiplication.
  3. Saves more time as testing activities happen well before coding.
  4. Defects can be identified in the early stages of the life cycle

Disadvantages of V-Model:

  1. Expensive as it involves more number of resources.
  2. Adopting any changes in requirement is not possible.

When to use the V-Shaped Model:
 All requirements are known up-front
 When it can be modified to handle changing requirements beyond analysis phase
 Solution and technology are known
Note: In old SDLC models, testing will come after coding only. But, in advanced SDLC
models testing will come in every stage of development by same developer or
separate tester.

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