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Prototype V-Model:

When customer requirements are not clear, organizations will follow prototype Vmodel. When customer requirements are clear, organizations are following v-model by conducting testing in every stage of development and separate testing team for software testing stage.

Once requirements are finalized, again same V-model will proceeds.

Incremental V-Model

When customer requirements are clear and huge, organizations’ can follow Incremental

Spiral V-Model

When customer requirements are enhancing regularly, organizations’ can follow Spiral Vmodel.


Devops transfer development and operations.
From this model developers and testers confirm as a single team like in agile model but they are responsible for maintenance also. In general in other models, maintenance of software is the job of CCB.

Example: Apple products
Case study: Any type of software but customer and company need to provide facilities
to team (Developer + Testers) for development, testing, release and maintenance.
Technical benefits:
 Continuous software delivery

 Less complex problems to fix
 Faster resolution of problems
Business benefits:
 Faster delivery of features
 More stable operating environments
 More time available to add value (rather than fix/maintain)

Agile Model

Agile model is derived from agile manifesto like Shown below.

  1. Develop software in incremental model as instalment by instalment.
  2. Individual and interaction over process and tools.
  3. Working software over comprehensive documentation.
  4. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  5. Responding to change over following plan.
    In general, different types agile model are in use such as scrum, extreme programming
    (XP), kanban, FDD, ASD, Lean, DSDM, Crystal.
    Here popular agile model is scrum because in this model, developers can join with
    testers as single team, call it’s a scrum team.
    In large scale companies, this model is follow able. Because, client is able to maintain
    stakeholder team to approve deliverables of each stage in development.
After completion of software testing and approval from the stakeholders, real customers
are involving to give the feedback on that software.
Under the guidance of stakeholders, release team can release software and CCB can
maintain software.
Advantages of Agile model:
1. Success rate of the project very high compared to any other models.
2. Can adopt changes in requirements at any point of time.
3. Working software is delivered frequently.
4. It emphasizes on responding to change rather than extensive planning and documentation.
5. It is recommended for product development.

Disadvantages of Agile model:

  1. Expensive model as more number of resources are required.
  2. Complex in managing.
  3. There is lack of emphasis on necessary designing and documentation.
  4. The project can easily get taken off track if there is any communication gap.

Case Study 🙁 Old SDLC under along with Agile Model)
When customer requirements are clear and customers are ready to provide stakeholders
then organizations can follow the ‘Agile model’.

  1. When customer requirements are not clear and customer is ready to provide
    stakeholders, organizations can follow prototype based agile model called as ‘XP’
    (Extreme Programming).
  2. When customer requirements are huge and customer is ready to provide
    stakeholders, organizations can follow in based incremental based agile model
    called as ‘SPRINT’.
  3. When customer requirements are enhancing regularly and customer is ready to
    provide stakeholders, organizations can follow spiral based agile model called as

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