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In agile model scrum methodology more popular. Currently companies using model is agile model. Scrum word is related to rugby game here scrum transfer for formation of two teams as one team. In scrum methodology developers and testers combined team is called as scrum team. From scrum methodology, we can develop software as piece by piece called as sprint. Sprint is a piece of software, which is potential shippable to customer site. Every sprint duration is 30 days for a development and testing. Scrum team size is 7 to 10 members(developers + testers) (3:1 ratio)

Agile scrum process

1. From the above process, agile scrum methodology is incremental spiral model, means developing software as piece by piece, but here every piece is having new features along with pervious piece features.
2. The above agile scrum methodology is classified into roles, ceremonies, artifacts.
Roles in SCRUM

a) CEO:

  1. Head of Software Company.
  2. Responsible to study customer proposal or responsible to prepare own product.
  3. Responsible to conduct kick of meeting to select PO under guidance of customer & SHS.
  4. Responsible to involve in script review meeting for customer feedback.
    b) Customer:
  5. Involve in kick of meeting for PO selection.
  6. Appoint SHS.
  7. Share requirements to PO.
  8. Provide feedback on sprint.
  9. Suggest changes in user stories.
    c) Stack Holders:

b) Customer:

  1. Involve in kick of meeting for PO selection.
  2. Appoint SHS.
  3. Share requirements to PO.
  4. Provide feedback on sprint.
  5. Suggest changes in user stories

c) Stack Holders:

  1. Involve in kick of meeting for PO selection.
  2. Involve in product backlog grooming meeting to share customer requirements to
  3. Involve in sprint planning meeting to select some user stories from all user
    stories for every sprint.
  4. Involve in daily scrum meeting for status of requirements during sprint process
    (during 30 days).
  5. Involve in sprint review meeting to collect feedback from customer.
  6. Involve in product backlog refinement meeting for changes in user stories

d) Product Owner (PO):

  1. Responsible to prepare product backlog with all user stories.
  2. Responsible to decide some user stories for sprint development.
  3. Responsible to prioritize user stories while selecting for sprint.
  4. Responsible to adjust user stories for sprint with respective duration and scrum
    team size.
  5. Responsible to motivate scrum team during sprint development & tester.
  6. Responsible to accept or reject work result.

e) Scrum Master:

  1. Represents management to the project.
  2. Responsible for enacting scrum values and practices.
  3. Remove impediments.
  4. Ensure that the team is fully functional and productive.
  5. Enable close cooperation across all roles and functions.
  6. Shield the team from external interferences.
    f) Scrum Team: (Developers & Testers)
  1. Scrum team size is 7 to 10 members.
  2. Scrum team is a combination of developers and testers.
  3. Scrum team have 30 days time to finish one sprint development and testing
    (Sprint duration is changing depends on agreement in between company and

Developers of scrum team can finish HLD and LLD’s of sprint and they are
responsible for coding, unit testing, integration testing, and sprint release to testers and bug fixing.
QA Testers 🙁 Quality Assurance Testers)
QA testers are responsible for study sprint backlog user stories and prepare test
scenarios and cases along with test data. They are responsible for test execution,
Test automation, defects reporting and bugs closing.
g) CCB Responsibility:

  1. It is a fresher team.
  2. Team members have knowledge on development and testing both.
  3. Responsible to receive change request from customer site on released sprints.
  4. Perform changes in sprint and release patch file to customer site.

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