Mon. May 29th, 2023

a) Kick of meeting:

  1. CEO or higher management is responsible to select product owner in kick of meeting.
  2. This selection must be approved by customer and their stakeholders.

b) Product Backlog Grooming Meeting:

  1. Participants are customer, SHS, PO.
  2. PO can gather all requirements of customer as user stories and prepare backlog document like shown below.
    Example: Product Backlog Document
  1. PO can review completeness and correctness of user stories in product backlog.
  2. PO can take the help of SME (Subject matter expert) to get more clarity on customer requirements while preparing product backlog.
  3. If any customer requirements is EPIC (ALL User stories), then PO can divided that requirement into multiple user stories.

c) Sprint Planning Meeting:

  1. Participants are SHS, PO, SM and Scrum Team.
  2. PO responsible to select some user stories for current on size and importance
3. PO is responsible to assign T-shirt size indicators to all user stories for adjustment in between product backlog and sprint backlog.
4. Po needs to get approval from stake holders on selected user stories for current sprint.
5. Po needs to get feedback of scrum team on selected users stories for current sprint.

d) Daily Scrum Meeting:

  1. Participants are PO,SHS, SM and ST
  2. Needs to conduct the daily during 30 days of sprint process.
  3. Meeting duration is 15 minutes.
  4. This meeting is also called stand-up meeting.
  5. Through this meeting, PO and SHS along with scrum master can try to know problems of scrum team.
  6. During this meeting, PO cans constraint on 3 points.
  7. What did you do today?
  8. What will you do tomorrow?
  9. What obstacles are in your way?
  10. Scrum mater is responsible to invite participants and responsible to provide facility for daily scrum meeting.
  11. SM can maintain time box to start and stop daily scrum meeting.

e) Sprint Review Meeting:

  1. Participants are customer, CEO, PO, SM and ST.
  2. To show sprint to customer for feedback.
  3. The time box is 2 hours.
  4. Perform instance changes in sprint if require.
  5. Plan sprint release to customer site.
    f) Sprint Retrospective Meeting:
  1. Participants are SM and ST only.
  2. To form feedback on finished sprint.
  3. One hour time box.
  4. Discuss problem faced in finished sprint process/previous sprint process.

g) Product Backlog Refinement:

  1. Participants are customer, SHS, PO, SM and ST.
  2. Two to three hours is time box.
  3. Responsible to change product backlog user stories before going to the next

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