Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

When requirements are clear from the customer, but huge. Then the organizations can follow the incremental model to release the software instalment by instalment.

SRG ( some requirements gathering)
A  Analysis
D Design
C  Coding
T  Testing
R  Release
M  Maintenance
  1. From the above diagram in the first instalment (i #1) all the process from the software requirement gathering (SRG) to maintenance will be done and this will be proceeded up to last instalment (i # N).
  2. Thus finally all the huge requirement software will be developed and released to the customer instalment by instalment.

Advantages of Incremental model:
 Generates working software quickly and early during the software life cycle.
 This model is more flexible – less costly to change scope and requirements.
 It is easier to test and debug during a smaller iteration.
 In this model customer can respond to each built.
 Lowers initial delivery cost.
 Easier to manage risk because risky pieces are identified and handled during it’d iteration.

Disadvantages of Incremental model:
 Needs good planning and design.
 Needs a clear and complete definition of the whole system before it can be broken down and built incrementally.
 Total cost is higher than waterfall.

When to use the Incremental model:
 This model can be used when the requirements of the complete system are
clearly defined and understood.
 Major requirements must be defined; however, some details can evolve with
 There is a need to get a product to the market early.
 A new technology is being used
 Resources with needed skill set are not available
 There are some high risk features and goals.

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