Mon. May 29th, 2023

When the requirements are clear and enhancing regularly, organizations can follow spiral
model to release the software version by version.

Spiral Model
  1. From the above diagram requirement gathering will be done at first and later design
    this will be continued till the maintenance stage.
  2. If customer will need any enhancements, those enhancements will be gathered by them
    and again with the new requirements, analysis will be done. This cycle will be repeated
    for every new version of the software.

Advantages of Spiral model:

  1. High amount of risk analysis and hence avoidance of risk is enhanced.
  2. Good for large and mission-critical projects.
  3. Strong approval and documentation control.
  4. Additional functionality can be added at a later date.
  5. Software is produced early in the software life cycle.

Disadvantages of Spiral model:

  1. Can be a costly model to use.
  2. Risk analysis requires highly specific expertise.
  3. Project’s success is highly dependent on the risk analysis phase.
  4. Doesn’t work well for smaller projects.

By Rajashekar

I’m (Rajashekar) a core Android developer with complimenting skills as a web developer from India. I cherish taking up complex problems and turning them into beautiful interfaces. My love for decrypting the logic and structure of coding keeps me pushing towards writing elegant and proficient code, whether it is Android, PHP, Flutter or any other platforms. You would find me involved in cuisines, reading, travelling during my leisure hours.

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